Hulu Plus To Become Available On Some Android Phones

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Individuals who both own an Android phone and subscribe to Hulu Plus are perhaps not the poorest folks around (food and shelter tend to come before data plans and entertainment services), but soon enough, they may get more for their money.  Hulu Plus is supposed to become available on certain Android phones sometime this year.

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar announced this goal at CES.  In a post on the Hulu Blog, Product Director Rob Wong then explained that "select Android phones (running Android OS 2.2)" will represent the starting point, and he also set the timeframe as "in coming months."

This development should significantly improve the value of Hulu Plus to a particular set of users (and potential users).  Soon, they'll be able to get something in exchange for their $7.99 per month any time their phone's handy, not just when they happen to be near a computer or specially equipped TV.

HuluOn that note, there were two more Hulu Plus-related developments Wong shared.  He wrote, "Hulu Plus is now available on Vizio Internet-connected HDTVs, and is coming soon to Vizio Blu-ray players. . . .  Finally, we also announced an agreement to bring Hulu Plus to Haier internet-connected HDTVs and Blu-ray players later this year."

Execs at Google and Netflix are likely to be less than pleased about all this, especially since a Google TV-Vizio deal was sealed just this week.

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