Hulu Lets You ID Obscure Actors With Face Match

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You know that annoying moment when you're watching a TV show and an actor comes across the screen that you just can't place? You know his name, it's on the tip of your tongue - and you know that was that guy in that one movie...gaaaahhh...the frustration is sometimes too much to bear.

Hulu thinks they have a solution for you, and they are calling it Face Match. It allows viewers to instantly learn about the actors on their favorite TV shows and movies, by simply hovering over their faces with their mouse.

All you have to do is hover over that obscure actor's face and Hulu will pause the video and bring up a box with the actor's name and some information about them. Right now, the info is brief and links to a larger Wikipedia entry.

To use Face Match, select the config button in the lower right corner of the video player while watching any show or clip. If Hulu Face Match is available for the video you’re watching, there will be an option to turn the feature on. You can also modify your default setting for Hulu Face Match on your personal settings page.

Remember when using Face Match, it might not be perfect - it's still in Hulu Labs.

Currently, the Hulu content that supports Face Match includes all episodes of Glee, The Office, Wilfred, Modern Family, and Lost.

Try it out below on this episode of Modern Family:

[Note: This writer would never refer to Terry O'Quinn as obscure. How could we ever forget his masterful work in The X-Files: Fight The Future]
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