Hugh Hefner Throws Halloween Party, Dresses as Robin Thicke

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It seems everyone is enjoying the spirit of Halloween, and Hugh Hefner is no exception. The famed founder of Playboy Enterprises must have felt some kind of way about Miley Cyrus' memorable performance for the MTV Video Music Awards.

He loved it so much he and his wife, Crystal Harris-Hefner, decided to dress as Miley and Robin Thicke for the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party last Friday.

The couple both took to Twitter to give fans a 'play-by-play' of the highly anticipated Halloween party.

The dynamic duo definitely nailed it with their reenactment of the VMA's. Hefner dressed in a replica of Robin Thicke's black and white striped suit, while his wife was a dead ringer for Miley with the blonde hair and cream-colored outfit she wore during the performance. She also tweeted a link to the short video on Vine holding up a picture of Miley at the VMA's before turning the camera on herself, debuting her appearance.

She also posted a picture of she and her husband right before the party. The caption simply read, "Twerk," which also pays homage to the MTV performance.

After coming down off the excitement of the night, Hefner's nephew, Cooper, also took to Twitter to share his run-down of the night's events.

Once the party was underway, other celebrities also proved that Hefner and his wife weren't the only ones inspired by the VMAs. Joan Rivers was also quite taken with Miley Cyrus, dressing like her as well. Rivers even posted her look on Instagram after the party.

Pictures are definitely worth thousands of words, and they all say the same thing this Halloween. “No one parties like Hugh Hefner.”


Image via Wikimedia Commons | Hugh Hefner

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