HTC Teases All New HTC One In Amusing Ad

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HTC made the rather perplexing decision to not unveil its latest flagship device at Mobile World Congress this week. Instead, the company will hold an event on March 25 to unveil the device. Until then, we'll have to continue getting our information from leaks regarding the All New HTC One.

Interestingly enough, HTC has at least finally confirmed that its latest phone will be called the All New HTC One in a recently released video. The video, which initially starts as a simplified explanation of the HTC One's BoomSound audio system, reveals that the All New HTC One will be bringing some form of improvements to its audio. We don't know what improvements those are as the phone itself is blurred out and all technical specifications are censored.

Still, it's pretty humorous and an interesting way to advertise a new device that won't be officially unveiled for another month:

At MWC this week, Samsung unveiled its latest flagship device - the Galaxy S5. Beyond some interesting new software services and a bump in specs, it's largely the same as the Galaxy S4. HTC poked fun at this as it builds up hype for its event in March. While the Galaxy S5 won't launch until April, it gives Samsung ample time to convince consumers that the phone is worth their money. HTC won't be able to really do anything until March 25.

Unless the all new HTC One is a major improvement over the already pretty awesome HTC One (all rumors so far say it isn't), then HTC may have made a mistake in choosing to wait until late March to officially unveil the device. Until then, it has to be cheeky with its advertising to let consumers know that it's coming without actually telling them anything about the device.

As an aside, whatever happened to that multi-year advertising agreement with Robert Downey Jr.?

Image via HTC/YouTube