HTC One-Two Punch: Bigger,Faster...More Everything


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The "Quietly Brillant" brand has been steadily growing in popularity, providing some of the first large screen smartphones along with its unique technology. HTC's One has sealed the deal to make it one of the top phones of last year, and according to CNet, it looks as if they have no plans to fall behind with their newest One dropping soon.

The name is under wraps; some sources believe it is called the M8, and others believe it will simply be called the HTC One 2. Although none of those names are quite spiffy, the speculated specs of the upcoming phone sure are.

Firstly, HTC One's Snapdragon 600 chip will be upgraded to at least an 800 to remedy the main, and often only, complaint of HTC One reviewers. A RAM upgrade has also been promised to further push the power. HTC One-Two's screen is reported to sport a .3 inch increase to make it a solid five inches. The most impressive perk of the updated One is the rumored two rear camera feature along with an upgrade of its patented Ultrapixel camera. This means clearer pictures that just might surpass- or at least rival- the superior iPhone camera.

HTC is holding details of this phone under close wraps-- they haven't even officially told us when they will release the phone. More details will hopefully be shared during the Mobile World Congress held at the end of this month in Spain, but the popular opinion is that the phone will be released in March.

Image via Wiki Commons