HTC One Expected to Launch in April

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For over a month now details have been leaking out about HTC's next flagship high-end smartphone. Taking a page from Apple's iPad line HTC is expected to name the device the (all-new) HTC One. Rumors hold that the phone's screen is a five-inch HD display covering a 2.3GHz processor. Photos leaked through various sources have also shown the device to have two rear cameras for 3D video capabilities. It is also expected to be offered in a shade of gold.

The device will be announced on March 25 at widely publicized HTC press events in London and New York. Though most smartphone announcements are followed by a long wait for the actual release, this time HTC appears to be doing its HTC One launch the right way.

According to a BGR report , smartphone accessory stock release dates suggest that the all-new HTC One will make its debut sometime in mid-April. This date would put the HTC One in direct competition with Samsung's new Galaxy S5 smartphone.

Not only is the HTC One expected to debut shortly after its announcement, but some customers might even get their hands on the device the same day it is announced. UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced that the new HTC One will be available in some stores around London at 4 pm on March 25.

Based on early reports it appears that HTC has once again created one of the best high-end smartphones on the market. The only question now is whether the company can successfully market the device well enough to climb back out of the hole the company has dug for itself.

Last fall HTC announced a $119 million quarterly loss, the first ever in the company's history. This came shortly after the company began a reported $1 billion ad campaign starring Robert Downey, Jr. in a series of bizarre commercials. HTC has already released a similarly weird teaser for its HTC One announcement, foreshadowing what might become yet another flop for the company.

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