HP Windows 8 Tablet Possibly Shown in Leaked Slide

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Brad Sams over at Neowin is reporting that the above slide is a real leak from part of an HP slide presentation. It depicts a mock-up of the "HP Slate 8," a 10.1-inch tablet running Windows 8's Metro user interface. Possible features of the tablet device are also listed, including digital pen input, a TPM embedded security device, and 8-10 hours of battery life. As Sams also notes in the article at Neowin, it seems as if this tablet, if real, would be marketed to business professionals. But is it real? From the Neowin story:

We know that the slide above is a bit rough around the edges but our source is adamant that this is a working spec list and the render above is an early mockup for the tablet.

Never mind that "Slate 8" sounds dumb when spoken aloud. Whether this particular tablet is real or a fabrication, it's a given that HP will have a Windows 8 tablet soon, probably even sometime at the end of this year if the company wants to ride the Windows 8 hype this holiday season. Other manufacturers will also have tablets and ultrabooks with touch capabilities running Windows 8, since touch devices are clearly what the operating system was designed to run on.

What do you think? Do these specs seem realistic for an HP tablet running Windows 8 Professional? Will anyone, even business professionals, want to ditch their iPad for a Windows 8 tablet? Leave a comment below and let me know.

(from Neowin via Gizmodo)

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