Howard Stern Responds to Parents Television Council's Call for a Boycott


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Howard Stern, controversial "shock jock" and newly-appointed judge for the popular television program "America's Got Talent", has asked that his critics wait until they see him in action before condemning the show or his behavior. After all, according to Stern, he plans to take his role on AGT very seriously.

However, despite his pleas, that hasn't stopped The Parents Television Council from speaking out against Stern and "America's Got Talent", claiming that the notorious disc jockey's participation in the show "will likely result in a sharp increase in explicit content."

In a news conference on Thursday, Stern addressed these allegations. "I really feel a responsibility to the people who love this show already," he said. "In no way do I want to get in the way of it. I want to broaden it and make it better." Stern also added that his critics should feel "foolish" for judging the program before they've had a chance to see it.

While addressing these criticism, Stern used the opportunity to address some of the problems that he feels like-minded talent show "American Idol" experiences on a weekly basis.

"What I'm going to do is I'm going to be a very serious judge. I feel a lot of these shows have gone haywire; it's all about the judges. For example, on 'American Idol,' J. Lo doesn't say a negative thing, Steven [Tyler] doesn't either and neither does Randy [Jackson.] The judges have become more famous. It's all sugary," Stern explained. "They're not giving anyone constructive criticism and they're doing the contestants a disservice. These people are brave. ... It takes a lot of guts to get up there. So, these people get on stage and you have to give constructive criticism -- even if it hurts."

In addition to wrestling with his usual rabble of critics, Stern and his sidekick Robin Quivers are dealing with her recent announce that his long-time co-worker may have cancer. The disc jockey even joked that, should Quivers die during her struggle to beat the disease, he would quit Sirius radio. At least he hasn't lost his sense of humor.

Love him or hate him, Stern is ready and willing to share his opinions on tonight's (May 14th) season premiere of "America's Got Talent". Check out some Twitter reactions below.

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