How Not to Die in a Horror Movie [Infographic]


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A couple of days ago we shared with you an infographic on some of the most common ways to die in a horror movie. Spoiler: Impaled by a household object is the preferred way to go.

SEE: How To Die in a Horror Movie [Infographic]

But as this infographic shows us, there are some ways you can avoid death altogether. Until the sequel, at least. All you have to do is kill your significant other, or hide in a dark corner for the rest of your life.

Other than that, you're pretty much toast. Reasons to die include being a gifted runner, comic relief for your buddies, or just being black. It's unlikely the guys at College Humor are racist; how many black guys do you know that survive in a horror movie. (excluding Blaxploitation films with and all black cast)

So just follow the flow chart and decide your fate. Or do what I do. Decide what you want to happen, then find out the requirements to get there.