How HTML 5 Really Stacks Up To Incumbent Platforms [Infographic]

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HTML 5 is gaining strong industry backing from internet platform and mobile developers, but how does the revised language stack up against current king of the mountain Flash and other Web development platforms? With three years to go before the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) goal of making HTML 5 the new industry standard, the language lags far behind currently preferred platforms in key metrics like reach, performance, API availability, and sound support. Here's an infographic that breaks it down.

Click the graphic to view a larger version.

Of course, this graphic draws from current data about a language still in development. With industry backing as strong as it is, and as updated browsers and mobile devices are developed with stronger HTML 5 support, many of the language's shortcomings will eventually become nonissues.

[Via Get MOAI. Main Image Source: W3C]