Hotel Reveals the Cortez: American Horror Story


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The popular FX television series, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL, revealed some exciting secrets. According to TV Guide:

"Evan Peters finally made his Hotel debut as James Patrick March, a new money psychopath with daddy issues who built the Cortez as his own version of H.H. Holmes' Murder Hotel, complete with hallways to nowhere, soundproof walls and secret passageways and chutes. Every time one of his contractors would start catching on to the bizarre blue prints, Mr. March would simply dispose of him down one of the death traps the contractor helped build. And as he'd do his nefarious deeds, March would wear a peculiar black mask, setting off major Murder House déjà vu."

For a full recap with more reveals go to the TV Guide article here.

The story for American Horror Story this year takes place at the Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles, California. This is a fictional hotel that doesn't actually exist in L.A., at least not with that brand. TMZ wrote an article that says it is actually based on Stay on Main hotel in downtown L.A. In 2013 that hotel was called the Cecil Hotel where a horrific murder took place.

A 21 year old student named Elisa Lam was found dead in the hotel's water tank... but only after guest complaints that the water tasted strange. Yuck!

Here is Elisa Lam in an elevator at the Cecil Hotel before being found in a water tank:

Later there were stories that the Cecil Hotel was being haunted by Eliza Lam's ghost. This led to the closing of the Cecil and later remodeling and reopening with the Stay on Main brand.