Holly Holm Not Interested In Hollywood

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Holly Holm will likely not be walking the red carpet anytime soon.

Holly Holm's famous adversary, Ronda Rousey, has dipped her feet in the pool and stayed a while.

Rousey appeared in blockbusters like Expendables 3, Entourage and Furious 7. She is also slated for the new Roadhouse.

While it's still early in Holly Holm's career, she has said she's not interested in making movies. She is interested in fighting.

And Holly Holm says she's definitely not in it for the money.

She said, “When you start fighting, you start in amateurs, you don’t get paid anything. You pay money out, because you’re not going to make it back."

She added, "You have to pay for your camp, you have to pay for your gas, you put miles on your own car, you’re paying money out in the beginning. I try to have that same passion I had in the beginning.”

Holly Holm's upcoming match with Miesha Tate is all about passion, not money. It doesn't seem to matter to her that this is a huge payday waiting to be grabbed.

She said of her Tate match coming up on Saturday, “This is the next opportunity. My mind doesn’t function like, ‘If I wait for this, it will be more money.’ That’s just not how my brain functions. There’s never a dollar sign in my mind when I’m thinking about my fighting career. I want the passion.”

Well, the passion has been good to Holly Holm so far.

Are you disappointed that Holly Holm may never be in a brawling movie?

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