Holly Holm Choked Unconscious In Earth-Shattering UFC Title Loss To Miesha Tate

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Miesha Tate dethroned Holly Holm “The Preacher’s Daughter” at UFC 196 after she knocked the former champion unconscious with a rear-naked choke in the fifth round of the match.

Holm defended her UFC women’s Bantamweight Championship belt on Saturday night at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand Garden Arena. Holm won almost every round but lost momentum when she was taken down in the final two minutes of the fifth round. The former champion tried to get rid of Tate who had dominated her from the top position at the last minute, but she was not able to fight off a submission.

Based from the official scorecards from judges Marcos Rosales, Chris Lee, and Glenn Trowbridge, Tate won at 3:30 of the fifth round. It marks her fifth straight victory in the mixed martial arts ring.

“I knew I had to finish the fight,” Tate (18-5) said of her fight with Holm. “I knew I had to be perfect in the fifth round.”

Besides a dominant 10-8 second round wherein Miesha Tate threatened to take down Holly Holm in her attempt to finish the bout, Tate lost every other round. She had almost finished the fight in the second round; however, Holm (10-1), who reportedly had dominated the opening round, took control of the third and fourth rounds, and had almost won the fifth. Holm was able to fight off every single one of Tate’s attempts to take her down until the final attempt.

Tate went into the fifth round with a score likely down at 38-37. Some believe that Holly Holm would have saved her title and the fight would have ended in a 47-47 draw if Tate did not send the then-reigning UFC queen to the mat unconscious with her rear-naked choke in the final round.

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