Holly Bobo Gag Order Request Denied By Judge

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Earlier today it was reported that the prosecution in the Holly Bobo case was seeking to have a gag order issued.

If granted, the gag order would ensure that anyone attached to the case could not discuss any relevant information. Persons who violated the gag order would have been held in contempt of court.

The prosecution felt that suspect Jason Autry would not be able to obtain a fair trial should persons involved with the case discuss important details with the media.

Circuit Court Judge Charles Creed McGinley said on Wednesday that he had no intention of issuing a gag order "at this time".

McGinley also stated that in the 26 years he has been a judge, he has not once issued such an order.

The judge did issue a warning to Autry regarding "his right to remain silent".

The request for a gag order came following the airing of a WTVF NewsChannel 5 interview with the 39-year-old. During the exclusive interview, Autry discussed his connection to the other suspects in the case and how he knew the victim.

The manner in which the interview was able to happen was also of concern. The prosecution claimed that Autry's lawyer Fletcher Long used deception to grant a reporter and cameraman access to the videoconferencing system for the interview.

Inmates in segregation are not permitted to do interviews. The video conferencing system used for the interview is reserved for attorneys needing to communicate with their clients.

Autry is one of the persons charged in connection with Holly Bobo's disappearance and murder. Bobo vanished on April 13, 2011 from her family's home near Parsons, Tenn.

Despite multiple men being detained for possibly being responsible for Bobo's death, investigators say that her body has not been recovered.

Autry and suspect Zachary Adams have both been charged with aggravated kidnapping and murder.

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