Holly Bobo Case: Charges Filed Without Physical Evidence

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Holly Bobo, a nursing student who disappeared four years ago when she was just 20 years old, has a family that wants answers. When her remains were found last September by a pair of hunters, three men were later arrested in connection with her murder, but despite nearly 500 pieces of evidence that just went through analysis, the state hasn't linked the men to any of it. The wait has been hard on everyone.

Holly's family members haven't said much since the arrests were made, but released a statement on a Facebook page dedicated to bringing her home safely last March.

"In the recent days, it feels like everything has come against our hope and it seems that all our trust was shattered. We still have hope because of who our hope is in. Holly had that same hope and faith, because of Jesus Christ we will see her again. Jesus will provide us the strength and grace to see us through," Holly Bobo's family wrote.

Zachary Adams and Jason Autry were taken into custody last year and charged with the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo; Zachary's brother, John Dylan, was arrested for raping her. All three have pleaded not guilty, and their defense teams say they don't understand why they have been held so long without being charged in connection with physical evidence.

"I still have very little understanding of what he's accused of doing. I have no physical evidence whatsoever linking him to the kidnapping and murder of Holly Bobo," said Jennifer Thompson, who is Zach Adams' attorney.

Holly's brother was one of the last people to see her alive after he witnessed her walking into the woods with a man wearing a camo jacket. Believing the man was her boyfriend, he wasn't alarmed until she failed to return home. It would take years for the family to have any sense of closure.

“The finding of her body was more of a relief than anything. They had already come to grips with the idea that she was dead," said Sheriff Keith Byrd in an interview with ABC News.

Several pieces of evidence have been sent to the FBI for analysis, and until they come back, the case will likely be held up. Judge Creed McGinley says he's frustrated with the delay, but hasn't set another court date in the Holly Bobo case.

"I've run out of patience. This case is going to move," McGinley said.

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