Hitler Apparently Thinks Digg Got A Raw Deal

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We brought you word yesterday that Betaworks had purchased Digg for a measly $500,000. We soon found that things from panda poop tea to random homes cost more than what Digg was acquired for. Of course, we soon learned that Digg was actually sold for $16 million to three buyers, but the original $500,000 offered plenty of laughs. This is one of them.

We're all aware of the Hitler reacts parody videos by now and they've gotten a little stale to be honest. I haven't laughed at one in over a year, but this one made me audibly laugh out loud a few times. Granted, most of that came from Hitler blasting the likes of Facebook, Reddit and Twitter while lamenting the wasted time he spent becoming a power user on Digg.

While the deal to buy Digg wasn't as laughably pathetic as we first thought, this video will forever remain to remind us of how much Hitler loved Digg. I suggest that he move on to Reddit, but the man himself claims that nobody there likes him. I'm sure there's a subreddit somewhere that will welcome the fascist dictator with open arms.

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