Hillary Duff: Instagram Pic of Baby Luca's Tiny Feet

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Early in her pregnancy Hillary Duff went on the Ellen Degeneres show to reveal the sex of her baby.

Ellen had some good old fashioned fun by putting Hillary through a ring, key, and hands test. The host held a ring attached to a string over the Disney star's hands and it swung back and forth indicating that the baby would be a girl. Then they moved on to the key test where Duff was instructed to pick up a key. She grabbed the key by the large end which predicted that the child would be a boy. And finally, she asked Duff to show her hands -- she showed her hands palm up. According to superstition, this means that Duff and her NHL hubby, Mike Comrie, would be having a baby girl.

After joking that Duff would be having triplets, Ellen guessed it would be a boy and she was right.

Luca Cruz Comrie was born Tuesday March 20, 2012 weighing seven pounds six ounces.

Duff just released a pic of her baby boy's feet on her website and called them "My favorite little feet."


Her fans on Instagram are smitten:

But when do we get to see the little guy's mug?

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