Hillary Clinton Is Getting Domain Trolled Too

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Head on over to HillaryClinton.net.

Oops – that's not Hillary.

The frontrunning Democratic candidate for President is the latest to fall victim to some domain trolling. Hillary Clinton has HillaryClinton.com on lockdown, but her name dot net redirects to GOP hopeful Carly Fiorina's campaign page.

From BuzzFeed:

No one in the press seems to have noticed that Clinton failed to secure one of her own eponymous domain names. It’s unclear when HillaryClinton.net began redirecting to Fiorina’s campaign site — but the URL has been the stage of a conservative squat protest for some time now. According to the Way Back Machine internet archive, the site was prompting visitors to donate to the political action committee for Sen. Ted Cruz in January 2014.

And Fiorina's team says they have nothing to do with this. I doubt they're upset about it, however.

Clinton is just another candidate in a long line of those getting domain trolled. Ted Cruz didn’t lock up TedCruz.com, and now he’s getting trolled.

Carly Fiorina didn’t lock up CarlyFiorina.org, and now she’s getting trolled.

Rand Paul had to waste over $100,000 to secure RandPaul.com.

And I'm sure Rick Santorum (who hasn't officially entered the race yet) isn't too thrilled about what happens when you head to santorum.com.

We'll continues to cover candidates getting domain trolled, as it's not only funny but appears to be an actual element in the race at this painfully early stage.

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