Hey Zuckerberg, Why Not Try the Executive Hoodie?

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A big tip of the hat to Business Insider for finding this executive hoodie from Betabrand.

This seems to be Zuckerberg's best bet for looking professional and keeping his image. After an analyst commented on the "immaturity" he showed by wearing his trademark hoodie to a Facebook investor meeting, Zuck needs to show he can still take some things seriously.

By seriously, I mean he should make fun of a guy he could buy and sell a million times by making a mockery of his comments. The guy did say he would make a better Product Officer than a CEO. Stick it to him Zuck.

It's a good thing he's making billions, cause this hoodie costs $148. They aren't joking, it really is an executive hoodie.


guy in a hoodie

pinstripe guy

Look cool

exec hoodie with text

the same effing hoodie you saw before

Not since the mullet has there been such an exquisite combination of business and pleasure.

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