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Today, we celebrate the trolls, the internet yellers, and the old people that don't know any better. It's October 22nd, which means that today, we celebrate CAPS LOCK.

You might be thinking to yourself - "hey, I remember when we did that earlier this year. It trended on Twitter and everything. What gives?" and that would be fair. That's because INTERNATIONAL CAPS LOCK DAY is celebrated twice a year, the other day being June 28th.

The fake holiday was first celebrated in 2000, at the behest of a guy named Derek Arnold.

"International Caps Lock Day is in fact a testament to the small mindedness of certain Western individuals: the majority of the world’s population writes in scripts which have no concept of letter casing. Therefore it is advised to laugh at anyone who invokes this day as an excuse to dismiss local typographical conventions: they are simply making an ass out of themselves," he said more than a decade ago.

Since then, the holiday has been adopted by denizens of the interwebs. It even has its own (poorly designed) website and a Twitter account.

Here's how the rest of Twitter feels about the day:

Sure, we can bemoan the ubiquitous use of all caps typing across the internet. But just imagine if we had to fake-celebrate tHiS KiND oF cRaP, even for just one day.

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