Here's What May Be The First 3D Printed Music Video

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Using stop motion in a music video is nothing new. The White Stripes, The Birthday Massacre and more have all utilized the animation style for their music videos. These videos, however, always used puppets or legos for the dolls. One band from Australia may be the first to have used 3D printed figurines for their music video.

3ders reports that Australian electronic band Cut Copy have released a music video for their latest single "We Are Explorers." What sets this video apart is that all the figurines seen in the video were created using 3D printers. Doesn't stop motion animation require posable figurines though? Generally speaking, yes, but Cut Copy printed around 200 figurines to make up for their lack of movement.

Besides using 3D printers, the video also made of Stratasys' unique materials, like its UV-reactive filament that glows under a black light. This gives the music video's production values an even more impressive quality.

Pretty cool, right? Well, you can make your own music video as well since Cut Copy released the design files for their 3D printed figurines on BitTorrent. They want fans to make their own music video using the figurines and take them on journeys not explored in the original video.

While Cut Copy's 3D printed figurines may lack the detail seen in other stop motion animated features, it's still wonderfully inventive to see the technology being used in this way. Besides, there's something to be said about simplicity being more artsy.

Image via Cut/Copy - We are Explorers/YouTube

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