Here's the Most Annoying Tweet That Exists, Now That Twitter Supports Line Breaks

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As you probably know, Twitter just started allowing line breaks inside tweets on the web this week. Before, users could only experience fragmented tweets on mobile.

This new functionality is particularly useful in three scenarios. Only three, ok? First, it allows users to tweet poetry in the line-by-line format in which in was meant to be seen. Haikus, anyone?

Next, it allows advertisers to make their promoted tweets stand out in the crowd. If you're going to pay to promote a tweet, you might as well make it take up as much space as possible, right?

And lastly, it allows everyone to be super annoying. We wondered what the most useless, rage-inducing tweet looks like, now that users can insert line breaks. Turns out, the most terrible thing anyone can do now is create a tweet that takes up 70 lines (70 characters + 70 breaks = 140 total characters)

May I present the worst thing you can do on Twitter:


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