Here's Some New Gameplay From Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII


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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII represents Square's last chance this generation to redeem the Final Fantasy XIII saga for many fans who felt disappointed by the first two titles in the FFXIII trilogy. Most of the trailers up until this point have all been focused on the game's plot, but we now have a solid look at the gameplay and quest structure as well.

In a new 8 minute long gameplay trailer for Lighting Returns, game design director Yuji Abe takes us through an early mission in the game. What you'll see is a wide open world that players can explore at their leisure that's complemented by a real-time battle system.

Speaking of which, the real-time battle system is completely different from the last two games in the trilogy. Instead of inputting commands in a quasi-turn-based/real-time battle system, the battle system in the latest game allows players to take full control of Lightning. You can move her freely around the battle map while performing one of four actions that are custom mapped to the four face buttons.

Players will also be tasked to switch costumes frequently during battle. These costumes allow Lightning to use new abilities, but only for a limited time as the costume's charge will drain over time. Players will have to switch to a new costume to allow a depleted one to recharge. It's similar to the Paradigm Shift that was seen in the first two Final Fantasy XIII games, but it looks to be better implemented here.

I'm sure many are still skeptical of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Despite that skepticism, there's a lot to be excited about with this latest game. It looks like Square Enix is finally back on track with its flagship series, and it gives me even more hope that Final Fantasy XV may turn out alright.

[Image: SQEXMembersNA/YouTube]