Here's How Political Campaigns Should Be Using Facebook, According To Facebook

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Studies have shown that politicians engaging voters on Facebook is a good thing for their campaigns. In light of this fact, Facebook thinks that campaigns (all of them, from the top down) should turn their Facebook focus into overdrive for the final stretch of campaign 2012.

We really are fast approaching election day - with just over three months to go, it'll be here before you know it. But Facebook says that it isn't too late to leverage the power of your posts to influence voters.

So, to help all of the politicians facing an election in November, Facebook has put together a list of practices that could help them better engage (and grow) their voters.

Here's what the Facebook Politics & Government Team has to say:

  • Try to upload an image or photo with every post. We find that posts with images are getting twice the amount of engagement as other posts. Need volunteers? Show a photo of people knocking on doors or making phone calls. Have yard signs or bumper stickers available? Show a photo of the yard sign or sticker on a car.
  • Schedule posts between 9 and 10 p.m. We've found this hour is one of the most engaging on Facebook. Use the recently launched feature to schedule posts so you can make sure you're reaching your fans during this time period.
  • Post at least once every day. It keeps your supporters more engaged and keeps your content in their news feeds.
  • Use Facebook ads to promote your content, gain new fans, and increase engagement. Regardless of budget, create some Facebook ads that promote your content to fans and friends of fans. At any time, only about 16% of your fans will see content from you organically, but by boosting your content in this way, you can make sure they see your latest commercials or volunteer opportunities.
  • Create an interactive experience by involving your audience in the discussion. Gauging the opinions of your constituents using Facebook Questions or encouraging fans of your Page to submit questions or comments creates a genuine dialogue between politicians and their supporters.
  • Post in your own voice. Facebook users have come to expect a genuine experience when engaging with the friends and causes they value the most. Sharing photos from ‘behind the scenes’ and highlighting the human aspect of the campaign is the best way to let supporters see a candidate as a real person.
  • Go multimedia! Including live or pre-recorded video segments on your Page is a great way to involve supporters in the goings-on of your campaign. Hosting live video through third-party Facebook Page tabs is also a great way to provide a variety of engaging materials for your supporters to share.

These are pretty solid tips for politicians and campaign chairs - but let's be honest: That's a pretty small proportion of the Facebook world. So, it's a good thing that many of these tips are also great for brand pages - no political motivations required.

This isn't the first time in recent memory that Facebook has created a suggestion list for political page owners. In July, Facebook urged U.S. Congresspeople to better engage their fans and constituents and even gave them a summer checklist of ways to share better content on their pages.

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