Helena Bonham Carter Fought to Be Given Wings As Fairy Godmother in 'Cinderella'

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Helena Bonham Carter fought to be given wings to play the Fairy Godmother in the latest live-action version of Cinderella.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Cinderella is the latest remake of the Disney cartoon, which is based on the famed fairy tale. In the original Disney version, the Fairy Godmother was depicted as a little old lady in a cape with a wand but no wings.

Helena Bonham Carter, 48, said the costume the production planned for the film were sans wings, so she pitched herself a little fairy fit, thinking a fairy without wings was just flat-out wrong.

“I’ve got lots of opinions, but luckily I’ve got a very good relationship with Ken, so Ken said, You can have a lot of say," said Bonham Carter.

“There were no wings, and I thought it was incredibly obvious that she should have wings, but there were no wings when I first came in. She looked like Elizabeth I, a virginal Elizabeth I," added the famed British actress and former girlfriend of director Tim Burton.

“And I said ‘wings!’ There was a bit of a tussle. It went to the head, it went to Ken, ‘She wants wings, she wants wings,’ and eventually I got my way," said Helena Bonham Carter.

“I said there is no six-year-old girl who is going to believe that I’m a fairy if I don’t have wings.”

Cinderella was released in cinemas on Friday.

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