Heidi Montag Strikes Again

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"Now you're irrelevant. Your 15 minutes are up."

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are no newcomers to the world of reality television. The two first found fame on "The Hills" and have since become the couple people love to hate.

"I feel like a cartoon character," Pratt said. "My talent, for some odd reason, is being an a**hole."

Following their fall from grace on "The Hills", Speidi (as the couple is often known), went on to compete in the twelfth season of The U.K.'s "Celebrity Big Brother."

Pratt said they felt scared for their safety on the set of the reality show. “We didn’t sleep much at all. I always had one eye open. We were watching them thinking they were going to try and kill us in our sleep. We were constantly nervous something might happen. Every time we saw any of them near knives we left the kitchen straight away. Some of them would itch their own face with a butcher’s knife – it was mentally insane. If they’ll hold knives by their own faces I didn’t know what they were capable of.”

However, the couple has stated that they will do whatever they have to do to make money. “If they called me right now and said, ‘We want you to be on ‘Jersey Shore’ and be a bully, and we’ll bring your paycheck back,’ I’d say, ‘Get me on a plane to Italy,’” Pratt said, referring to MTV's popular reality show.

Although MTV has not contacted either of the stars, they will be back on Monday, Dec. 9 in a E! special titled "After Shock: Heidi & Spencer." According to E! Online, Montag and Pratt will use this hour-long special to discuss their lives behind and in front of closed doors including Pratt's fiery temper and Montag's debacled plastic surgeries.

30-year old Pratt is currently attending the University of Southern California and is studying to get a political science degree.

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