Heidi Klum Endures Body Cast as Part of Halloween Costume Creation

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Heidi Klum loves Halloween. For years she has managed to surprise and thrill fans with her incredibly creative costumes, and from the photos and video clips she has shared via Instagram, it looks like this year won't disappoint.

Sporting what appears to be a body cast, Heidi Klum is seen covered in some sort of plaster--from head to her knees--in a series of shots that have fans wondering exactly what the end result will be.

"It's almost time for my favorite holiday! Costume prep time with the team at @prorenfx Can't wait for Halloween! ?" the Project Runway host captioned this first photo.

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Heidi Klum is blue, but definitely not sad, in this next shot.

"So yucky but so worth it in the end ? #heidihalloween #heidiklumhalloween," she captioned it.

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"Thanks @prorenfx team for making my crazy costume idea a reality ? #heidihalloween #heidiklumhalloween," Heidi Klum captions this short video clip.

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This next clip might be considered a bit revealing by those who prefer to see Heidi Klum a bit more covered up. Fans will love it, however, as they know she is a huge fan of creative Halloween costumes.

"Slime me up @prorenfx ? #heidihalloween #heidiklumhalloween," she writes.

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Do you think you know what or whom Heidi Klum plans to be for Halloween? While her behind-the-scenes photos and video clips are exciting, they're also rather mysterious, and they don't seem to give her costume plans away.

Would you dare to wager a guess on the end result?

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