Hefner's Secretary Dies: Mary O'Connor Worked at the Playboy Mansion For Over 40 Years

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Mary O'Connor, the longtime secretary of Hugh Hefner, has died. Hefner is the publisher of the popular men's magazine Playboy. O'Connor worked at the Playboy mansion for over 40 years.

The specific cause of O'Connor's death has not been released, but it appears that she had been sick in the days leading up to her passing. On January 26 Hefner tweeted that his wife, Crystal, was visiting O'Connor, who was "not doing very well."

Hefner then announced late last night that O'Connor passed away:

It's clear that O'Connor was well-loved by the many girls who passed through the doors of the Playboy mansion. Current and former playmates are tweeting their condolences and expressing their love for O'Connor:

In addition to her work for Playboy, O'Connor made multiple appearances on the reality show The Girls Next Door:

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