Heather Locklear Expresses Support For HIV-Stricken Friend Charlie Sheen

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Everyone deserves a friend like Heather Locklear.

The 50-year-old actress didn’t hesitate to send her support to her close friend, Charlie Sheen, who just admitted on live TV that he is, indeed, HIV-positive.

Prior to the admission, rumors had been swirling about a high-profile Hollywood actor living secretly with the virus. Eventually, gossip website The National Enquirer claimed that the said actor was Charlie Sheen, but before their revelation, Heather Locklear posted a tender message on her Instagram page.

She posted a lovely photo of herself and Sheen in their younger years along with a caption read: “My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family.”

My heart hurts. Prayers for Charlie and his family

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On Tuesday, people tuned in as Sheen finally confirmed what the rumors and reports had been claiming – that he was, “in fact, HIV-positive” on The Today Show. Host Matt Lauer asked a series of questions regarding the people who have known about this condition, the payments he allegedly made to keep them quiet, his current financial situation, and his career plans following this admission.

Charlie Sheen Admits To Having The HIV Virus

Sheen’s doctor later appeared on the show to explain the status of the HIV virus in the actor’s system. Dr. Robert Huizenga, who is also an assistant professor of clinical medicine at UCLA, emphasized that the former Two & A Half Men star does not have AIDS. Sheen is said to have been taking strong anti-viral medication that suppresses the virus to the point of being “undetectable.” At one point during the interview, Lauer read uplifting tweets from several viewers who had been watching the show. Aside from Heather Locklear, other celebrities have also come forward to cheer on the Anger Management star. Singer and actress Lady Gaga took to Twitter just hours after the announcement to praise Sheen for being “brave.”

Today Show weather anchor Al Roker also posted a message of encouragement for Sheen.

Heather Locklear and Charlie Sheen go way back, co-starring in the award-winning sitcom Spin City in 2000 and box office hit Money Talks in 1997.

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