Health Insurance Costs Going Up In Many States

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Health insurance costs are going up in many states across the nation. October is generally when open enrollment begins for many health insurance providers, and this year, it seems the choice may be a little harder to make.

Many states are seeing numerous plan cancellations for their citizens as the Affordable Care Act regulations for health insurance kick into high gear. There are some states that also feel the pressure from the increasing rates that are intended to help provide the subsidies that an average of 83% of applicants qualify for.

In New Mexico about 30,000 people are going to have to find new health insurance plans before January 1st or risk going uncovered.

In Louisiana, some of the biggest health insurance providers like Blue Cross-Blue Shield and Vantage are giving notices of increasing premiums, some as high as 20%.

Louisiana Insurance commissioner Jim Donelon blames ACA regulation and those who pay for health insurance having to cover those that are provided with subsidies.

"For the first time in the history of the country, the Affordable Care Act imposed a federal premium tax on health insurance premiums," Donelon said. "That's the first time the government has taxed health insurance premiums. It's adding to the cost about $50 a month."

That's a pretty good chunk of money for the average American household to keep their health insurance.

Families USA spokesman Ron Pollack said of the uncomfortable increases in health insurance premiums, "Ultimately, the hospitals have to increase the costs of everyone insured to make up for lost payments, and that results in higher premiums."

Everyone's health insurance premiums seem to be going up as coverage shifts and changes, usually not for the better.

How has the Affordable Care Act affected your health insurance coverage? Are you impressed or not?

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