HBO Is Now on Sling TV, Just in Time for Game of Thrones

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Cordcutters rejoice. If you're looking for a (legal) way to watch Sunday night's Game of Thrones premiere, you now have another option.

Last week Dish's live TV platform Sling TV announced that it would soon be offering HBO to subscribers of its basic package – for an extra $15 per month.

Today is the day. HBO is now live on Sling TV.

“We continue to give TV lovers the content they want on the devices they already own,” said Roger Lynch, CEO of Sling TV. “We know Sling TV is the only way most of our customers can watch HBO shows like Game of Thrones live. Adding HBO’s live and extensive on-demand content to our lineup highlights our continued commitment to bringing customers the very best programming.”

If you pony up $15 extra for HBO on Sling, you'll gain access to HBO's main channel live, as well as HBO's entire library of content – "the same VOD library HBO provides on its other platforms," says Sling. So if it's available on HBO GO and HBO NOW, Sling TV has it.

Sling also says it'll "provide its customers with access to three streams of HBO, in addition to the single-stream dedicated to its core and add-on packages." That multi-stream functionality will be rolling out to customers over time.

It's been a big week for HBO and cordcutting. On Monday, HBO's new standalone streaming platform HBO NOW launched on Apple devices. It’s important to note that Sling TV isn’t getting HBO NOW – that’s still an Apple exclusive for now. Sling TV is offering HBO content directly through Sling TV itself.

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