HBO Allows Universal and Fox to Deal with Apple

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HBO has agreed to modify its contracts with Fox and Universal, allowing them to make their content available for download on Apple's iCloud.


Apple recently commenced offering users the option to re-download movies that were previously bought on iTunes via its iCloud service. But movies from studios Universal Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox were absent because of a prior contract with HBO. HBO has agreed to modify its agreements with Universal and Fox, which will allow their movies to become available for download on iCloud. HBO has already adjusted its terms with Warner Brothers, and that content is already on iTunes.

Though, HBO will not give up its release "window" rights. This window covers about 6 months after a movie is released on DVD, and lasts about a year after. At present, if an iCloud user was to re-download Universal or Fox content, this would be a violation of HBO's rights. This will soon change, with HBO stating that "Fox expects to resolve the issue as soon as within weeks, said a person familiar with the situation... Another person is familiar with the matter said Universal is near a resolution."

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