Haylie Duff Reveals The Details About Her Proposal

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It's been two months since Haylie Duff announced her engagement to Matt Rosenberg, and now she is revealing all the details about how Matt popped the question.

Despite being a very special moment, Matt picked one of the worst days of the year to ask someone a sincere question ... April Fool's Day.

"It happened on April Fool's Day, so instantly I was sweaty and crying and I thought it was an April Fool's joke. I was like, 'This is the meanest April Fool's joke you could ever possibly do!'" Haylie told Access Hollywood Live's Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. "But I couldn't have imagined it any sweeter and it was exactly how I would've wanted it to happen."

So, how exactly did it happen? Haylie explained that it was just a night like any other. She was trying to decide what to make for dinner and noticed that Matt was being unusually quiet. When she turned around to see what he was doing, he was holding a ring.

"I was making dinner and it was just sort like a normal night... I was literally like, my face in the refrigerator, like, 'What do you want for dinner? Do you want chicken? Do you want this?' and he wasn't responding to me," Haylie said. "I turned around and he was [holding a ring]."

Haylie explained that it still sometimes doesn't feel real that she is actually engaged. "It still shocks me! It's not even normal," she told PEOPLE. "I still call him my boyfriend, and he, every once in a while, is like, 'Babe, I'm your fiancé.'"

Duff hasn't had a lot of time to start planning her wedding. She has been pretty preoccupied with her new cooking show called Real Girl's Kitchen that premieres on the Cooking Channel on Saturday, May 7.

"When I came up with the title, it was sort of like the thing where I'm not a professionally trained chef - I'm a self-taught cook. I've learned by trial and error," she explained when she was asked about her show's unique title. "I'm like a real girl in the kitchen and that's sort of where the name came from."

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