Haunted Island Of Poveglia For Sale


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Have you ever wanted to own your own island? How about a haunted one? Not everyone is intrigued by ghosts and spirits, but many find the thought of owning a haunted island appealing. So how much is it?

The island went up for auction last week and ended on May 6. The starting bid was $490,000. Information about bidders, the buyer and final sale price were not available and the winning bidder may wish to remain anonymous.

The island was a state-owned property and was auctioned in hopes of raising money to pay off debts. There is hope that the buyer will build a hotel or another attraction on the island to attract visitors and bring in even more money for the area.

So how did the island earn its reputation for being haunted?

In the 16th century, people who were infected with the plague were brought to a hospital on the island for treatment and quarantine. Most of those people died and their bodies were either cremated or buried on the island.

The stories don't stop there. Many years later, the hospital was turned into an insane asylum. Many insane asylum doctors conducted experiments on their patients, treated them poorly or neglected them. As a result, thousands of patients died on the island.

Back then, it was not uncommon for insane asylums to be self sufficient and most of them had their own cemeteries.

Legend also says that one of the doctors at the asylum felt guilty for some of his cruel acts and jumped from the bell tower and fell to his death.

Many locals visit the island hoping to see a glimpse of a ghost, and the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures even made a visit to the island where they claimed to hear ghostly voices and saw orbs.

If the buyer of the island decides not to open up a luxury hotel, he or she may want to consider opening up a haunted attraction or tour instead.

Would you spend a night in a hotel on Poveglia island and do you believe the stories that it is haunted?

Image via Wikimedia Commons