Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner Visit Gay Bar


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Where do you take your girlfriend while visiting NYC? Well, if you are Harry Styles, it might just be a gay bar. That's right, Harry took girlfriend Kendall Jenner to the gay bar Therapy over the weekend. Kendall and Harry haven't been dating long, but it seems as though they are both comfortable with each other and enjoy spending time together.

Harry made an appearance on Saturday Night Live before taking his new girlfriend out on the town. Kendall waited back stage while Harry finished his gig. The couple was seen holding hands throughout the night and only stayed at the bar long enough to have dinner before they moved on to other things.

Rumors that Harry and Kendall are dating have been spreading for a few weeks now and started when the couple was spotted at Craig’s Restaurant in West Hollywood in November. They have since been spotted together numerous times having dinner and enjoying each others company. They were also seen leaving the Gansevoort Hotel together Saturday night, although Kendall is staying at a different hotel than Harry.

Although it seems like the two are obviously a couple, neither of them are ready to admit it yet. Whether they are just dating, just friends or in a romantic relationship and just unwilling to tell the world is up for debate, but either way, the two young celebs seem to be having fun and enjoying their lives.

A source close to Kendall said, "I've never seen Kendall happier and more fan-friendly." "They came off the elevator holding hands and then she stood and watched while he posed with fans."

Maybe Kendall and Harry just aren't ready to define their relationship. They are both young, talented and have plenty of other things on their minds right now. They deserve to be able to enjoy each others company without complicating things with labels.

Image from News Inc.