Harry Potter TV Show #NotActuallyHapenning, Fans' Hopes Crushed

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J.K. Rowling, author of the much beloved series, Harry Potter, gave her fans some sobering news when she responded to a question posted by a Twitter follower on Sunday.

As it turns out, millions of Harry Potter fanatics will not see their beloved characters on TV. The news made rounds after a follower asked if there will ever be a Harry Potter TV show.

“So like... We had seven books and 8 movies. We are getting a play and 3 spin-off movies. Where is our TV Show @jk_rowling ?!,” the Twitter follower asked.

So what was the Twitter savvy Rowling’s response?

“Right after the opera, Potter-on-ice and the interpretative dance version of Beedle the Bard #NotActuallyHappening,” the Harry Potter author tweeted.

Her sarcastic reply no doubt crushed the hopes of millions of her loyal fans. It was clear that for now, there have been enough spin-offs and the franchise has been extremely successful.

The Harry Potter books have been well-received by many people from all walks of life -- young and old. In addition to the spin-offs, there is even a play, Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. Universal Studios has also added the Wizarding World of Harry Potter as one of its theme park attractions. and countless toys, games, clothing and other merchandise have been licensed under the brand.

Come next year, a J.K Rowling book titled, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them will be released as a movie. It is a prequel to the Harry Potter series. Actor Eddie Redmayne will play the role of wizard Newt Scamander.

A Harry Potter TV show may be unlikely for now, and the news seems heartbreaking but it won’t hurt to keep hoping, right? Chances are that if enough fans want to see a Harry Potter TV show, they will eventualy make one.

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