Harrison Ford Still Hospitalized, Calista Flockhart Visits Daily

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Harrison Ford is still hospitalized after surviving a plane crash almost two weeks ago. The Star Wars actor was piloting his own WWII vintage plane when it crashed on a golf course in L.A. He was rushed to the hospital in battered condition. Wife Calista Flockhart has made daily visits to his bedside ever since.

Flockhart reportedly delivers some of her husband's favorite foods and lots of books when she visits Harrison Ford each day.

"She drops Liam off in the morning and then spends hours with Harrison," a source tells People magazine. "She brings him food and reading material."

Liam is the only child Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart have together. Ford and Flockhart married back in 2010 after dating for about eight years.

A preliminary report from the National Transportation Safety Board says the cause of Harrison Ford's plane crash was "substantial damage following a loss of engine power."

An witness at the crash site claimed Ford suffered a large facial injury "the size of a pancake."

It's good to know that Harrison Ford is healing well from the injuries he sustained during that plane crash. Calista Flockhart and their son--as well as Ford's children from a previous marriage--are no doubt counting their blessings daily that he is still alive. The end result of a crash like his certainly could have been much worse.

It's uncertain how much longer Harrison Ford will remain in the hospital. Calista Flockhart will no doubt see to the Indiana Jones star's every need--at least as far as food and reading material goes--until he is able to return home.

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