Harrison Ford Released From Hospital Three Weeks After Plane Crash

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Harrison Ford, 72, has been released from a Los Angeles hospital just three weeks after a plane crash that nearly took his life.

The Star Wars star was spotted out and about in Los Angeles over the weekend — a much-welcomed sight after the actor suffered head, pelvis and ankle injuries in the March 5 crash of his WWII vintage plane on a golf course.

People magazine reported that Harrison Ford was spotted driving around Los Angeles and had been discharged from hospital to recover in the comfort of his own home.

The magazine further reports that a doctor well-versed in the type of injuries the actor suffered said Harrison Ford would require months of rehabilitation.

"The therapy is primarily stabilisation exercises and also gait training, like actually getting the patient up and moving again – pretty much just leaving how to walk while minimizing the main," said Dr Beny Charchian, founder of the Joint and Spine Institute in Beverly Hills.

Harrison Ford has been praised for his unselfish actions in skillfully piloting his Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR away from houses when its engine failed soon after take-off.

Witnesses on the scene of the crash said he had multiple cuts to his head and local media reported he had broken bones in his pelvis and ankle.

The National Transportation Safety Board revealed in a preliminary report that the crash was caused by "substantial damage following a loss of engine power."

In audio captured by Air traffic control, Harrison Ford announced his emergency in a cool, professional manner.

"Engine failure, requesting immediate return," said Harrison Ford moments before the crash.

Pam Wright