Harrison Ford Finally Out of Hospital After Plane Crash

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Harrison Ford is finally out of the hospital following a plane crash that left him seriously injured. It was on March 5th when the vintage World War II plane the Star Wars actor was piloting crash landed at Penmar Golf Course, not far from the Santa Monica airport.

A source told People magazine that Harrison Ford was spotted driving in L.A. this weekend.

The actor was treated for injuries including a head laceration, as well as broken pelvic and ankle bones. Sources speculated he is undergoing some form of physical therapy even though he has been discharged from the hospital.

Dr. Beny Charchian is the Founder of the Joint and Spine Institute in Beverly Hills, and while he has not treated Harrison Ford, he has a great deal of expertise in the area of broken pelvises.

"The therapy is primarily stabilization exercises and also gait training, like actually getting the patient up and moving again – pretty much just leaving how to walk while minimizing the main," Dr. Charchian explained.

Surviving this plane crash may have left Harrison Ford with physical injuries, but it in no way destroyed his love of aviation. He plans to lend his voice to the upcoming narration of a documentary on airplanes.

Harrison Ford's wife, Calista Flockhart, has been by his side almost constantly ever since the plane crash.

"She [would] drop Liam off in the morning and then spend hours with Harrison," a source said. "She [brought] him food and reading material."

Harrison Ford plans to reprise his role as Hans Solo in the upcoming Star Wars film. Called The Force Awakens, it is set to hit theaters in December.

The actor--as well as his family--are no doubt grateful he lived through this plane crash and can be on hand to see his role reprised.

Hopefully the road ahead isn't a painful one for Harrison Ford. It's unlikely he sustained the injuries he did in this plane crash without some lingering repercussions.

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