Harmonix Unveils "Music Driven" Shooter 'Chroma'

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It's been years since the Rock Band and Guitar Hero have been relevant. Like true rockstars the plastic instrument genre was a sensation that came on fast and burnt out before its time.

Since then Harmonix has been finding more success in its Dance Central titles and fans of the studio have been wondering if the developers may have something else to contribute to musical gaming. It turns out that they do - and not just that Kinect-based Fantasia game.

Harmonix today unveiled Chroma, a game that's being described as a "music-driven first-person shooter." According to the studio, the game is a multiplayer shooter that "reimagines" arena shooters. Chroma will be released for PC as a free-to-play title.

Though it isn't clear exactly how, Chroma's soundtrack will tie-in heavily to its gameplay. Players will choose different classes with different music-based perks and fire "streams of sound and music" at the opposing team. Arenas can also be altered by changing the landscape along with the music.

An announcement trailer released today shows off what Chroma's developers are envisioning, though it remains unclear exactly how the game will play. Gamers will have to sign up for the game's alpha test or wait for gameplay videos to see if Harmonix has actually pulled it off.

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