Hannah Simone: Shower Scene With Megan Fox Not As Hot As It Looked

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Hannah Simone opened up to Us Weekly about the absence of Zooey Deschanel on the set of New Girl and what it's like to work with Megan Fox.

For one thing, Hannah Simone says yes, the shower scene was for real, but not real sexy.

She said, “It was cold! It was cold and wet, and we were wearing barely anything."

She added, “We really were in the shower, and they really were dumping buckets and buckets and buckets of water on us, and we were just trying to hold on and get through it … I lived out every heterosexual man’s dream.”

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Hannah Simone also admitted that, as far as her onscreen best friend Zooey Deschanel goes, it's just not the same without her. But, she understands that Zooey having a baby is amazing for the whole cast.

Happy birthday to my partner in crime for the past five years, the crazy talented @zooeydeschanel xo #happybdayma

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She said, “It’s always strange if one of us isn’t there, but she was off having a beautiful baby, so we’re all super happy for her, and we’re so excited to welcome her back.”

The return of New Girl happened Tuesday and it looks to be just as good as the previous seasons.

Hannah Simone revealed something about her and Schmidt's relationship, saying now that they are together, they can settle into being just a weird couple.

So fun. Did you watch Hannah Simone in action last night? What did you think?

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