Halo 4 Trailer Released For New Map Pack


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Though it's often baffling that the shooter genre has spawned the most successful console franchises, a little observations could reveal why. Game franchises such as Call of Duty and Borderlands are well-supported by their developers and new content is being released for the titles on a nearly bi-monthly basis. Now, this could be a chicken-and-the-egg problem of which came first, but new, quality DLC certainly has helped shooter titles emerge as the most popular video games of this console generation.

Today, 343 Studios detailed its new multiplayer map pack for Halo 4. The "Majestic Map Pack" will launch next week, on Monday, February 25. Instead of the sprawling vehicle-filled maps Halo players got with the last map pack, these new maps will be "small to medium sized." The pack will also come with new multiplayer playlists and the new "Infinity Rumble" game type.

The "Landfall" map will be set in the ruins of Tribute's capital city and encourages close-range combat while providing plenty of "jump routes."

The "Monolith" map features man-cannons and "open sightlines" that 343 states "harkens back to more classic Halo arana-based maps."

The "Skyline" map is a small rooftop arena that offers lots of cover, but also has "explosive fuel cells" that can be exploited.