Halo 4, Kinect Integration Revealed at Microsoft E3 Keynote [Video]

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In their pre-E3 press conference, Microsoft discussed the upcoming Kinect integration of Xbox Live and outlined future titles that will incorporate the technology. The most buzzed about reveal, however, most likely happened at the very end of the address and lasted about 60 seconds.

Microsoft announced that for those with a Kinect console, the Xbox live experience is going to streamline, adding voice controls. There will be a new voice search feature, powered by Bing. This search feature will cover Netflix content, Hulu Plus content, as well as games content. For instance, just say "Xbox, Call of Duty" and the search feature will pull up all COD related content.

Also, Microsoft announced that YouTube will now have a featured channel on Xbox Live, bringing millions of videos directly to the console. The new Bing-powered search feature will pull content from YouTube as well.

They also announced that many upcoming games are going to feature Kinect compatibility. Tiger Woods, Madden, FIFA, Mass Effect 3, and all future Tom Clancy game will support Kinect functions, but no extra detail was provided on exactly how.

The biggest announcement for gamers, I presume, was the last minute reveal of a Halo 4 teaser trailer. The upcoming edition of the popular sci-fi shooter will be released during the "holidays" of 2012. It was also unveiled to be the first in a "new trilogy" starring the legendary Master Chief. Wait, did they just announce Halo 5 and Halo 6 as well?

Below is the just revealed Halo 4 teaser trailer. Enjoy:

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