Halle Berry Talks About Her Boobs [Pic]

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Halle Berry takes really good care of her boobs.

When Halle Berry talked to Extra about the launch of her new line of lingerie in partnership with Scandale Paris, she revealed that she has a piece of her beauty regimen that most women are not willing to keep up with.

"It's something I've always loved, I mean I have worn a bra and slept in a bra, probably TMI, since I was 16 years old. My mother taught me the importance of that and taking care of my body on that end, so lingerie and undergarments have been really important to me."

Well, they say that you should work in and invest in things that you know about personally. So, Halle Berry gets to do bras.

"It is because I wear these things all the time," she said. "If you don't want your boobs on your knees, it's very important."

Halle Berry also talked about the fact that her show, Extant, is heading into its second season on television. In this time of tons of show cancellations, that makes her pretty happy.

"Not everybody is that fortunate, so there's a play place for my kids to come, and Nahla loves to come drive around on the Paramount golf cart, that's the place she really gets to drive."

She also spoke about her efforts to put a stop to paparazzi harassment of her and her daughter. She had wanted to move her daughter Nahla out of the country, but was forbidden to do so due to a custody agreement with the girl's father.

But she and Jennifer Garner worked to pass an anti-paparazzi law that has giver her some relief when she is out with her daughter.

“You don’t see us anymore, you look on the internet you don’t see me going to the market anymore, pumping gas, walking my kids to the park, going to school, it has revolutionized our lives, changed our world, and most importantly my kids -- they’re free to go out now, they’re not harassed.”

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