Halle Berry Reveals The Name For Her Baby Boy

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Halle Berry and her husband Oliver Martinez recently gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday, October 5th. He is the baby brother of Nahla, who is 5 years old and Berry's first child. Her and Martinez have been married since July of this year, after being married in an intimate wedding in France. They met on the set of Dark Tide, a film which was released in 2010.

While the big news of the baby being born was revealed over the weekend, fans were excited to hear the news, but were not able to know his name until now. Their boy's name is Maceo-Robert. The couple have decided to hyphenate the name in order to give him a combination of the origins between the two of them. People Magazine mentions that the Maceo part of his name is of spanish origin. However, the second part of his name is also linked with Martinez, and is a nod to his father, Robert Martinez, who was a spanish boxer.

The name Maceo means "Gift Of God." The couple wanted to pick a name that would work well in France and the U.S. A more modern version of Maceo would be Mateo or Matthew, according to TMZ.

It was revealed that the couple were expecting a child in June. Berry was very excited to be a mom, but despite the pregnancy she also continued to act and just finished filming a Steven Spielberg drama series that will air on CBS in 2014 called Extant. Upon finding out that she was pregnant, Berry said "It's one of the best things that happened in my life, for sure."

Due to the actress' age of 47, the pregnancy came as quite a shock to her, but she was very happy to be able to give her daughter a little brother. Berry is an Oscar winning actress, and received the award for her role in the 2002 film, Monster's Ball. Martinez is a French actor who appeared in numerous French films earlier in his career and has since made the switch to American cinema, with films such as Unfaithful and Taking Lives. He is currently working on a film called The Physician.

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