Halle Berry Launches Line of French Lingerie

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Halle Berry has long been the epitome of sexy, and now she's found a way to help all women feel that way. The actress has launched her own line of what she considers affordable French lingerie.

"I came across this really luxurious lingerie line called Scandale Paris. Only sort of marketed towards the upscale, so not every woman could afford this brand. So I thought, how could I revive this and bring it to America at a price point that every woman could enjoy?" she said during a recent interview with Good Morning America.

That said, Halle Berry decided to buy into the company. The first few pieces from her line are available in Target stores. Pieces reportedly run between $7 and $18. That really is very affordable when it comes to French lingerie--not to mention how easily accessible it is by its availability at Target. Women will likely be buying out these pieces, in their attempts to dream of being as sexy as Halle Berry.

"Every woman that cares about feeling good from the inside out," Berry said. "We care about what we have on under our clothes, we care about what we look like when we take our clothes off."

And Halle Berry is also big on dispelling the myth that women only wear sexy lingerie for men.

"The secret is that women don't wear lingerie for men. We wear it for ourselves," she insists.

What a perfect time for Halle Berry to launch this French lingerie line. After all, Valentine's Day is this coming Saturday. So ladies--drop a hint that this lingerie would make a wonderful gift. Or, in Halle Berry fashion, simply go out and buy some for yourself.

Do you suppose Halle Berry lets hubby Olivier Martinez critique her new lingerie line? She seems like the kind of woman who probably wouldn't care if he liked it or not, and would rely far more heavily instead upon her own opinion instead.

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