Halle Berry: First Look At Spielberg Sci-Fi Drama

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Halle Berry has teamed up with iconic director Steven Spielberg to star in his sci-fi drama Extant, which will premiere on CBS in July.

The show will focus on Berry's character, astronaut Molly Woods, as she comes back from a solo space mission and discovers she is pregnant. Extant will also feature Scandal star Josh Malina and Camryn Manheim.

CBS president Nina Tassler called the show "just the perfect melding of classic Spielberg genres: It's science fiction and it's family."

Berry, who just had a baby boy five months ago, spoke recently about how her life has changed with motherhood and says she feels extremely lucky to have been blessed with another child at the age of 47.

"I just feel great because I have another baby," she said. "I never thought that at my stage in life another baby -- and a baby boy -- was coming to me, so yeah, I'm blessed."

The actress isn't the only member of the family who's gaining fame on television; her husband, Oliver Martinez, stars on the ABC series Revenge.

"I watched his premiere," Berry said. "I'm going to follow his little arc along. I'm very, very proud of him. I'm trying to find the balance. My baby's always with me on the set. I bring my daughter after school. I have a nursery there and a playroom. I try to make it as nice as I can."

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