Gwen Stefani Gets Ready To Roll Out Lipstick Line

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Gwen Stefani has been a style icon since her appearance in the music world almost two decades ago.

Her classic Hollywood glamour meets punk meets grunge looks have inspired many a young woman during Gwen Stefani's years in the spotlight.

Gwen Stefani has previously provided the world with a clothing line, a fragrance line, and a great shoe line.

Now the singer and Voice coach is ready to start on our faces.

More specifically, lipstick, of course. Gwen Stefani is famous for those (usually red) lips. Now, she is ready to bring some of that to the rest of us.

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“I am working on some lipsticks,” Stefani told People on Tuesday. “This red that I’m wearing right now is a prototype.”

She is in the testing process right now, but Gwen Stefani already knows one look that just isn't right for her.

“I wear so many different shades, but I’m not super into the orange-reds,” said Gwen Stefani.

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During her testing phase, Gwen Stefani says she not only tries out different shades, she also wears different brands of lipstick, too.

She said , “I have investigated them lately a lot.”

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Just like many of us, the fashion icon, known better to those of us over 30 as the voice of No Doubt, says that her style is simply a progression of her former self.

Back in her punk days, she was known for her love of classic Hollywood glamour on the red carpet, as well as her rougher edge on stage. Gwen Stefani said she is still that same person inside and it shows in her current style.

She said, “I’m kind of always evolving, but I think that style is also your personality, so I’m always going to be the same person. What I wore in a high school is a version of what I wear now. I still love Hollywood glamour; I still love everything old school.”

What do you think of Gwen Stefani's style? Would you love to buy her lipstick when it comes out?

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