Gwen Stefani Super Sexy in Blake Shelton's Hat

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are a curious couple, and one that fans of both are observing closely these days. Fellow coaches on The Voice, the two both ended marriages over the summer. It's a bit uncertain when they became an actual item.

A sexy new photo of Gwen Stefani is making quite a stir, with the internet abuzz over how they've supposedly taken their relationship to that proverbial "next level."

In the photo, Gwen sports a camouflage cap that belongs to Blake Shelton.

Of course, the notion of her lying in bed in said photo--wearing an article of Blake Shelton's clothing--is likely the real cause for the stir.

"#goodmorning gx," Gwen Stefani captioned her post.

A photo posted by Gwen Stefani (@gwenstefani) on

It was just days before Gwen posted this photo that she and Blake Shelton were spotted on a date with some friends. Sources say the PDA was beyond obvious.

Gwen Stefani suffered a serious blow when she learned hubby Gavin Rossdale cheated on her with their nanny. It's uncertain what the real reason behind Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's split may have been. Fortunately these two found one another--and they seem really happy together, too.

For now, that may be the sort of perfection they need.

Do you think Gwen Stefani posting this sexy pic of herself wearing Blake Shelton's hat in bed is symbolic of their relationship entering that "next level?" Or was it just a fun shot she chose to share?

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