Gwen Stefani Flirts With 'Super Babe' Blake Shelton On 'The Voice'

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Gwen Stefani made an appearance on The Voice on Monday to help Blake Shelton guide his team, and the two could not get enough of each other.

The couple got flirty on the set with Stefani calling her beau “super babe” in a newly released outtake video from The Voice.

The country crooner commented on his girlfriend’s high ponytail saying, “You kind of have that I Dream Of Jeanie hair going.” Stefani thanked Shelton for the cute remark and complimented him in return. “You kind of have that super babe thing going right now.”

Making sure that the cameras captured their adorable banter, Gwen Stefani turned to the cameramen and asked “you got that?”

Gwen Stefani Calls Blake Shelton a 'Super Babe'

Shelton introduced Stefani to his team as “the great Gwen Stefani.”

“Blake wanted to bring in an expert to help you guys, so he called me,” Stefani told Adam Wakefield and Jared Harder, the first two competitors on his team.

“A country music expert,” the country musician said. Gwen Stefani assured her beau that “she is getting there,” because she “loved working outside of my lane,” referring to their collaboration on Shelton’s 12th studio album If I’m Honest.

“Also, she's hot,” Shelton admitted during their mentor/adviser meeting which was not aired.

The happy couple’s PDA continued even outside the set of the hit singing competition as both singers went on a vacation together earlier this week. Despite their crazy schedules, the pair found time to be with Stefani’s youngest son. The songstress recently posted a Snapchat video of Shelton on a hike with her 2-year-old son Apollo. Her two older sons are, 7-year-old Zuma and 9-year-old Kingston who she also spends a lot of time bonding with.

Gwen Stefani recently released her new album entitled This is What the Truth Feels Like.  The album, according to Stefani, is inspired by her divorce from Gavin Rossdale and her newfound love affair with The Voice co-host Blake Shelton.

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